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Basic Package
Enterprise Package

The enterprise package is aimed at all sized companies who's email campaign sizes vary on a monthly basis.
There is not daily limit on the amount of emails you can send, but you will need email credits in your account to be able to send them to your clients.

The price for the basic package is £100 setup fee and for this we will includes 5000 emails to get you started.
As and when you need more email credits you can simply top up you account with the amount you desire, but the more emails you purchase on one go the cheaper they get.

Have a look at our additional email costs below

     Email Credits Price Per Email Total Price
     1,000 0.95 pence £9.50
     2,000 0.9 pence £18.00
     5,000 0.85 pence £42.50
     10,000 0.8 pence £80.00
     25,000 0.75 pence £187.50
     50,000 0.7 pence £350.00
     100,000 0.65 pence £650.00
     250,000 0.6 pence £1,500.00
     500,000 0.55 pence £2,750.00
     1,000,000 0.5 pence £5,000.00
     2,000,000 0.45 pence £9,000.00
     5,000,000 0.4 pence £20,000.00
     10,000,000 0.35 pence £35,000.00

There are no more additional or hidden costs, once you have paid you £100 set up fee you don't even have to pay any yearly subscription costs, the only additional costs are for the additional email credits you require for your email campaigns, its as simple as that.


If the £100 set up fee is a little too much for your wallet then you may be more suited to our Basic Package as this is charged on a monthly basis.