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Getting Started
Step 1 - Login
Step 2 - Create Your Mailing List
Step 3 - Adding Custom Fields
Step 4 - Adding Email Addresses
Step 5 - Create A Template
Step 6 - Create Your Campaign
Step 7 - Send Your Campaign
Step 8 - Campaign Statistics
Disabling Pop Up Blockers

Step 5 - Create your template for your marketing campaign

Before you can send your newsletter to your customers you will need to create a template to put your information you would like to send out.

A template is needed as you need to keep the visual design and styling of your newsletters as standard as possible so that your customers can relate to the information or offers you are emailing to them, this also helps to make your customers more responsive and more likely to read them as you send them.

***** if you wanted to create your own corporate template, you can do this yourself by following the instructions below or ask Chillishot about creating a corporate template *****

To create your first temple you will need to hover over Templates Button and then click the Create a Custom Template link.

We have included many templates to help you get started or to give you a base to start from and build upon, to have a look at these simply click on then in the Email Template list and a preview of the template will come up on the right hand side.
Once you are happy with a template design all you need to do is fill in the Template Name and click the next button.

This will then take you to the screen where you can edit the template to your personal settings and preferences.

Don't forget you can add your own pictures or images as well as text in to the template. Even links to pages on your website can be added.

Once you are happy with the design of your template you need to make sure the Activate Template check box is ticked before clicking on the Save and Exit button.

That's it. Your new company email marketing or email newsletter template is now created and active.