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Getting Started
Step 1 - Login
Step 2 - Create Your Mailing List
Step 3 - Adding Custom Fields
Step 4 - Adding Email Addresses
Step 5 - Create A Template
Step 6 - Create Your Campaign
Step 7 - Send Your Campaign
Step 8 - Campaign Statistics
Disabling Pop Up Blockers

Step 8 - View your Email Campaign Statistics

Once your email campaign has been sent you will be able to start viewing the stats and getting a feel for the response on your newsletter.

It is best to wait for at least an hour for stats to start building up, to do this you will need to hover over the Statistics button and click the Email Campaign Statistics link.

Then select the View link for the email newsletter that you would like to see the stats for.

This will then bring up a screen with a summary of your email campaign. There are various options to choose from such as Open Stats, Link Stats, Bounce Stats, Unsubscribe Stats and Forwarding Stats.

To view the different reports simply click on the tabs under the Email Campaign Statistics header.

Congratulations you have just successfully created and sent your first email campaign and started to view the statistics of how people are responding to your emails.
Remember to check back on a regular basis to see what people are doing with the email campaign you have sent out.


To send another email campaign just go to step 6 and follow the instructions.

If you need further instructions or advice then please feel free to contact us in the office or via our online contact us form by clicking here www.chillishot.net/contact_us/