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Getting Started
Step 1 - Login
Step 2 - Create Your Mailing List
Step 3 - Adding Custom Fields
Step 4 - Adding Email Addresses
Step 5 - Create A Template
Step 6 - Create Your Campaign
Step 7 - Send Your Campaign
Step 8 - Campaign Statistics
Disabling Pop Up Blockers

Step 6 - Create your Email Campaign

Once you have completed all of the above steps you are now ready to Create your first email campaign ready to send to your customers.

To do this hover over the Email Campaigns button and select Create an Email Campaign link.

You will then need to type in a name for your email campaign. This is only for your internal and reporting and will help you identify your individual email campaigns in the reporting stats. (use something like Marketing Newsletter November 2007)
Make sure you leave the Email Campaign Format as HTML so that your customers will receive the well designed email you will be sending to them, then select the template you have just designed in step 5 above and click next.

This will bring up the template you have selected in the same editor as step 5, but with some additional options.
(You will only need to design one template for your email campaigns as you can edit the text and main contents of it each time you send your newsletters through the Email Campaigns menu.)

Once you are happy with your campaign you can now check to see if your email campaign contains any spam keywords by clicking the Check your email campaign for spam keywords button and you can see how your clients will see your email by clicking on the View your email campaign in different email programs button.
Both the above options will allow you to see how your email campaign will be seen by spam filters and your clients in different email programs.

If are happy with how your email campaign is and you have made sure you have eliminated most of the spam keywords that may have arisen through the built in spam checker just make sure the Activate Email Campaign and Archive Email Campaign check boxes are ticked before clicking the Save and Exit button.

You will then be taken to the View email campaigns screen where you can click the Send link on the right hand side of your email campaign you have just created.