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Getting Started
Step 1 - Login
Step 2 - Create Your Mailing List
Step 3 - Adding Custom Fields
Step 4 - Adding Email Addresses
Step 5 - Create A Template
Step 6 - Create Your Campaign
Step 7 - Send Your Campaign
Step 8 - Campaign Statistics
Disabling Pop Up Blockers

Step 2 - Create your mailing list

Before you can send any email campaigns you will need to create a Mailing List so that you can either import your email addresses into or have a form for users to fill in on your website for your customers to subscribe to.

If you wanted to purchase a list for a marketing campaign, please contact us about this option. We have secured a beneficial contract with a data company to allow you to benefit from reduced data costs.

To do this you need to hover over the Mailing List Button and select Create a Mailing List from the drop down list as indicated in the image below.

Once you have done this you will need to fill in the information for this mailing list such as List Name, List Owners Email Address, List Reply to Address and Bounce email address.

Don't forget you MUST complete the Company Name, Company Address, Company Phone Number to comply with the CAN-SPAM act, plus this also has the added benefit of letting your subscribers know who to contact if there is a problem or would like to ask some questions.
Also in the Create Mailing List screen you can specify your own bounce email server if you would like bounced emails to be processed on your own server rather than using ours.

Once you have filled in the above simply click the save button as this will save your mailing list and make it ready to add or import your contact email addresses to send your email campaigns to.