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Getting Started
Step 1 - Login
Step 2 - Create Your Mailing List
Step 3 - Adding Custom Fields
Step 4 - Adding Email Addresses
Step 5 - Create A Template
Step 6 - Create Your Campaign
Step 7 - Send Your Campaign
Step 8 - Campaign Statistics
Disabling Pop Up Blockers

ChilliShot - Getting you started!

ChilliShot is one of the simplest, user friendly, email marketing tools on the market. Our ‘getting started' guide will show you how easy it is to send your first email campaign and the features you have at your fingertips.

The menu on the left is a step by step guide explaining exactly what to do with screenshots from the main program.

Start from the top of the menu and work you way down, so if your ready,
begin by clicking on: step 1 - Log In