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So what is ChilliShot? And how can it help you?

ChilliShot is a powerful, web based, e-marketing tool which allows you to send and analyse e-mails sent to your customers or target markets, cost effectively.

It can be used as a promotional lead, a newsletter or even a targeted campaign giving you the ability to see who has opened your mail and even who has followed links to further information your company has to offer (i.e. to your website).

So why is this of use to you?
The unit cost to run a campaign of ChilliShot is significantly cheaper than the traditional printed methods and it has the added advantage of detailing who found your mail of interest.
Equally as important to this is who didn't find your campaign or newsletter of interest, this allows you to focus your attention on those who have found your information of interest. Every mail through ChilliShot gives the recipient the opportunity to un-subscribe from any further mails which enables you to target your audience more effectively.

These three points alone are the main reason why thousands of UK companies use e-mail marketing to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

Where will ChilliShot fit into my business?

ChilliShot will fit into any business no matter how big or small. With today's web based environment, most companies have a web presence and many conduct many aspects of their business functions through the computer. The web is a powerful tool and so it makes sense to utilise this in your company's communication to others.

Reduced marketing costs with greater information gained can only be seen as beneficial, however, you may well like to keep your current marketing procedures as they have always proved successful? This is a perfect time to run a cheap direct comparison exercise and run the two methods side by side. We feel that the results gained and the unit cost per lead comparison will leave you asking why you have not done this before!

Simple to set up, simple to monitor, cost effective and displaying your company as forward thinking, ChilliShot makes a lot of sense.